Monday, October 7, 2013

October Currently

I can't believe it's October 7th! October is probably one of my favorite months. I'm happy to see it again!

Listening: I'm psyched the Amazing Race is back! I just hate when 60 minutes runs over and I don't get to see the end of the show! 

Loving: My dad helped me pick out a new little laptop. My old laptop was from when I graduated high school a while back! This one has a touch screen, is lightweight, and will be perfect for bringing to meetings as well as to and from school!

Thinking: I had my first ever solo parent teacher conferences last week! My awesome mentor teacher let me be a big part of conferences during my internship, and that really prepared me for my own conferences. They've gone really well so far! Round 2 is tomorrow after school- it's going to be a long day, but I'm looking forward to it.

Wanting: I know it's fall, but it's not quite boots/scarf/hoodie weather here in Oklahoma yet... It is cooling down though, so I guess I shouldn't complain!

Needing: More sleep- always! I don't usually feel too sleep deprived during the week- I have so much going on that it keeps me amped up. But on the weekends I really feel it. Saturday was a sleeeeeping day for me. Probably not my healthiest sleep schedule!

Trick or Treat: I choose treat! Teachers deserve treats after (or during!) a long week! I have a class ticket store where my kids can buy gum, candy, pencils, no homework passes, etc., and it's really nice to be able to grab a quick treat from my stash!  

A few other things I've been up to lately....

Lately, I've been loving! You upload a picture (doesn't have to be text) and then you can decide how many pages you want your new poster to take up. This one is 2 pages by 2 pages. I love making cute anchor charts, but I'm such a darn perfectionist that they aren't very quick to make! So comes in really handy when I need to get important information up fast!

I also recently got a kitten! I've been wanting one for a while. Meet Gertie! She's so sweet and super playful. A little too playful sometimes, like the other night when she did laps around my bed and house all. night. long. But she's precious and a really good little kitty.

My next post is going to be about the never-ending pencil problem... I don't have a miracle solution, but it's been working pretty well for my class! Stay tuned.....

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  1. Oh my gosh is your kitten ever cute! I have a little black kitty too. She is the ruler of this house. I am just her servant. Ha! Good luck with your second round of conferences!!
    Rowdy in First Grade